*WATCH* FirstTrailer For Vancouver-Filmed Movie 'SkyScraper' With 'The Rock'

Remember when everyone was losing their minds over the fact that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was in Vancouver filming a movie???

Remember how he would post his love and appreciation for our city (and surrounding areas)???

Remember how he would take the time to have fun with/take selfies with/chat with fans???

Yeah. Good times…

Well the movie The Rock was working on finally has a full official trailer, which dropped during yesterday’s Super Bowl game.

It’s called ‘Skyscraper’ and features a one-legged Dwayne Johnson being his usual heroic self.

Not surprising, the trailer is already getting a bit of flack online (shocker!) and is being accused of trying to rip off Die Hard (*gasp!*).

You decide for yourself.

Skyscraper hits theaters some time this summer.

~ @TheCarmenCruz 


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