Dashcam video showing people boldly running red lights in Richmond are undercover cops!

***Daily Hive posted that the cars int he video are undercover cops on duty ***

The video, which showed three vehicles entering – and then going through – an intersection was viewed and analyzed by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC), who determined the vehicles were being driven by on-duty officers.

You guys know how much I loves me a good Dashcam video. Meredith sent me this film shot by Youtuber am0s.x. It shows three cars boldly running clearly red lights in Richmond.

They bypass the line up of cars waiting at the red light in the left-hand turn lane, but then cut back into the front before the light turns green. I weirdly experienced the same thing this past summer in Surrey. In a couple instances, the cars go out of their way to cut through a line of cars.

Fortunately no one was hurt during this video.

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