Milwaukee bus driver caught on camera helping woman on crutches after fall

WATCH ABOVE: Video shows a Milwaukee bus driver racing out of his bus after parking it to help a woman on crutches who had fallen while crossing a snow and ice-covered street.

On route to his next stop, a Milwaukee bus driver is now being praised for his quick thinking when he stopped his vehicle to get out and help a woman on crutches who he saw fall trying to cross a snow and ice-covered street.

The video was caught on the bus’ cameras earlier this month and has been shared by the Milwaukee County Transit System.

The video shows the woman falling forward and driver Michael Karges securing the bus first before rushing out to help her up, with the help of a passenger. The pair then walked her across the street but then continued with her for two more blocks to a store.

WATCH: Video shows Milwaukee bus driver helping young girl after mom has seizure

It’s just one of many situations caught on camera for the Milwaukee transit system, including a driver helping a distraught girl after her mother had a seizure, and a driver rescuing a child.

Last month, the transit system told Global News the rescue may be partially the result of the culture established with a big push on customer service as a priority, as well as technology on their buses helping tell the stories.

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