Caught on Camera: Out-of-control boulder nearly crushes driver in Taiwan

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Shocking dash cam footage out of Taiwan captured the moment a massive hunk of rock fell onto a highway – missing a speeding car by just inches.

Cai Zhengliang, 38, was driving along the Suhua Highway from Hualien City back to his home in Taipei on Tuesday after visiting some friends for the Lunar New Year.

He tells the Daily Mail that he was enjoying the scenery when his drive went from leisurely to terrifying.

“When I was about to enter a tunnel, a dump truck suddenly cut in front of me, and I let it pass,” Zhengliang said. “I saw some loose rock falling from the truck, so I slowed down. But shortly after I left the tunnel, the boulder fell.”

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In footage captured by his dashboard camera, we see the rock suddenly smash into the road right at the dividing line, before bouncing off the tarmac and missing his car by just inches.

Zhengliang took photos of the damage to his car after he returned home – nothing except a few minor scrapes and scuffles from what could have been a major catastrophe.

Despite the scary close call, Taiwan’s highway safety maintenance agency tells local media that while the possibility of rock falls or avalanches is always present along this mountainous stretch of road, the density of the surrounding forest means this was likely an isolated incident.

There were no other reports of injuries or damage.

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