Police make arrest in Osoyoos intruder-with-knife incident

WATCH: Surveillance video taken by the resident shows the woman at the front door.

UPDATE: Police say they’ve arrested the woman who is accused of trying to barge into an Osoyoos home, with the resident claiming the intruder was trying to kidnap her newborn baby.

The intruder, a 45-year-old female resident of Osoyoos, was arrested at 1:10 p.m., and is in custody. She will appear in Penticton court on Friday afternoon.


An Osoyoos resident believes an intruder was trying to kidnap her baby.

The woman, who did not wish to be identified for safety reasons, said the incident happened on Wednesday when the intruder — a woman — knocked on her door.

The resident said she refused to answer the door.

WATCH:  A new mother share shocking surveillance video of a woman who appeared at her door and reportedly attempted to kidnap her newborn baby. Jules Knox has the details.

“She looked kind of odd to me. You could tell that she was wearing a wig, her hands were behind her back. It gave me a creepy vibe,” the resident said.

The resident said the woman then barged into her house, asking to see the resident’s newborn.

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“She said, ‘I just want to see the baby.’”

The resident, holding her seven-week-old baby, said the woman was told to leave.

She said the woman closed the door, but suddenly barged in, waving a knife.

“All of a sudden, she comes charging into the house with a butcher knife above her head and she’s trying to stab me in the face. I grabbed her arm and threw her out the front door.”

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The resident said she’s seen her assaillant before.

“We know who she is and she is known to walk by my house every day,” she said.

The resident said police are aware of the intruder’s identity.

“They (RCMP) know where she lives but they can’t locate her.”

The resident said she’s convinced the intruder’s intentions were to take her child.

“I feel like she wanted to kidnap my baby.”

Meanwhile, Osoyoos RCMP say they are trying to locate the woman, stating they know who she is but have yet to find her. Police added the investigation is continuing and that no criminal charges have been laid against the woman.

“We understand that this incident was very traumatic for this new mother,” said Sgt. Jason Bayda, Osoyoos RCMP detachment commander.  “We are doing what we can to locate her and determine what her intentions were.”

Anyone who has any information about this incident is asked to contact the Osoyoos RCMP at 250-495-7236.

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