Video appears to show Uber Eats driver stealing money from tip jar in Halifax

An Uber Eats driver in Halifax should brace for a bad rating after a video appears to show him taking money from a business’s tip jar.

Boneheads BBQ manager Cindy Wheatley says the alleged theft happened Thursday just after 7 p.m. She posted the security footage on the company’s Twitter account the next day.

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Wheatley says she contacted Uber Community Support shortly after the incident and didn’t receive the response she was looking for.

“I told them something needed to be done as this gentleman had stolen money and that he should not be delivering … and they basically just kind of brushed me off,” said Wheatley.

Wheatley says after not hearing back by Friday afternoon and noticing that the driver was still making deliveries, she decided to take her frustrations to Twitter.

“I’ve had difficulty with customer support with Uber for quite a number of things,” she said. “Any time you have an issue or have a question, you go to their customer service line — they usually can’t answer any questions for you, they’ll tell you to email, and most times, I’ll be given an incorrect email.”

Uber eventually told Wheatley that the driver had passed all the criteria to become a driver, but Wheatley says they wouldn’t disclose what exactly the criteria were.

“I was getting quite upset. I said a lot of things,” she said. “How can you not know what criteria there is? It’s not like I’m calling them up and accusing the guy out of the blue. I have him on camera doing this.”

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Even though Wheatley didn’t report the incident to police and acknowledges that only a $5 bill was taken, she says she’s fighting back out of principle.

“I was really hoping that Uber would address it because I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt to . Maybe there was some reason, maybe they would come back and apologize before I stick the police on somebody, which I really didn’t want to do because you never know what somebody’s situation is.”

“But the bottom line is, it’s Uber Eats’ responsibility to take care of the situation.”

In a statement to Global News Friday night, an Uber spokeswoman said the incident is being investigated.

“What’s been reported by this restaurant is concerning,” the statement reads. “As soon we became aware, we removed this deliver-partner’s access to the app as we look further into this.”

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