Man rescues skunk with cup on its head, then high tails it out of there  

A Public Works employee came to the rescue of a skunk that ended up with a McFlurry cup stuck on its head Thursday morning.

“It could have ended a lot worse.”

That’s how Mitch Isaac felt after rescuing a skunk, who found itself with a small McFlurry cup lodged on its head in a New Brunswick-border community Thursday morning.

Mitch is a Public Works employee on Listuguj First Nation, just north of Campbellton, N.B. He and his coworker, Alderic Martin, were told about the situation by a backhoe operator who first witnessed it.

“We went to go check it out and we found him in a driveway,” Alderic said.

“Then Mitch had the wild idea to go take it out.”

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Mitch is seen on the video attempting to remove the cup from the skunk’s head for over a minute, as the skunk aimlessly walks in circles in the driveway.

Eventually, as the skunk walks in Mitch’s direction, he knocks the cup off with his right hand, then scampers back to Alderic in the truck.

“I was just thinking in my head, ‘You can’t leave an animal like that,’” Mitch said. “There was a window I had to take the cup off and I just took it right away.”

“Took the cup off, and me and the skunk just seen each other for a split second. It just stopped. And when it stopped and the tail went up, I ran.”

Alderic recorded the rescue, which has garnered thousands of views on Facebook. He says he didn’t expect the video to reach as many people as it did.

“I was pretty sure he was going to get sprayed, so it would have made for a funny video,” Alderic laughed. “I definitely didn’t think I’d be talking to Global News.”

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Mitch says deciding to jump into action was a simple decision.

“It was either I take the cup off and help the animal or I get sprayed and I go home for the day. It was one of the two,” he said.

“But my wife, she saw the video and said if I got sprayed, I wouldn’t have been allowed into the house.”

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