Could There Be a 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Sequel?

There are reports bouncing around that there are serious discussions for a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel.  The 2018 Freddie Mercury biopic seemed to have covered the main points of the Queen lead singer’s life wrapping up with their iconic 1985 Live Aid performance. The film then gave a brief synopsis of Mercury’s battle with AIDs and death in 1991.

Rudi Dolezal directed many Queen music videos and said in Page 6 that the band’s manager Jim Beach would be open to producing a second film. “I’m sure he plans a sequel that starts with Live Aid.” Dolezal said the possible movie is “being heavily discussed in the Queen family.”

Bohemian Rhapsody was popular during award season and earned over $800 million at the box office. Rami Malek’s Freddie Mercury was a PG version of the singer’s life. When the film was first discussed over 10 years ago with Sacha Baron-Cohen in the role, there was talk of a far more outrageous take. The director first attached to the film was Stephen Frears who said in an interview; “Sacha wanted to make a very outrageous film, which I would imagine Freddie Mercury would have approved of. Outrageous in terms of his homosexuality and outrageous in terms of endless naked scenes. Sacha loved all of that.”

Maybe that is the Freddie Mercury biopic we need next?

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