CFOX's Game of Thrones podcast returns with a season 8 primer

The final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is just days away, and you need to be prepared to head into what is guaranteed to be an explosive conclusion, 8 years in the making. On this week’s episode of Merbear and The Maiden Jer, Jeremy Baker and Meredith Geddes take you back through season 7, highlighting they key moments that got us where we are. We’ll talk to Aziz from History of Westeros who will shed some light on the mythology of ice dragons, and why he believes Cersei is the one to watch going forward. Then Jeremy and Meredith will look at some of the theories bouncing around about season 8 with help from Michael. He’s a moderator on the subreddit for A Song of Ice and Fire and host of the podcast Maester Monthly.

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