The oldest known live recording of U2 was just discovered

On August 11th, 1979, U2 performed an afternoon show at Dublin’s Dandelion Market. The guitar player for the opening band, The Stougers, recorded their set then promptly forgot about or lost the tape…until now!

U2 fansite atU2 got their hands on the record and believe it is the oldest known live recording of the group. The cassette features two previously unheard U2 songs, “In Your Hand” and “Concentration Cramp.” Rolling Stone says that “Concentration Cramp”is very similar in structure to the early U2 song “Live My Life Tonight.”

Guitarist Pete McCluskey tried to tape the set the night before but he accidentally pushed “play” instead of “record.”

“It was actually very tense. I had arrived at the soundcheck and Bono was very nervous sitting in the center of the concert room, checking out the … sound, as there were several A&R folk arriving for the gig that night, presumably from CBS London to check out these Irish youngsters. I had acquired a tape machine and took it that night to record the gig, but unfortunately in my excitement managed to press “play” instead of “record.” And thus nothing was recorded.”

The next afternoon at the Dandelion Market, he got it right.

“I am pleased that I recorded the show, and hadn’t realized the significance of it and its place in history until quite recently.”

The band would hop into the studio that month to record their debut ep, Three. Their debut album Boy, was still a year away at this point.

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