Weekly survey: What musician inspired you to pick up an instrument?

I have no excuse for taking up the accordion. When asked by my parents which musical instrument I wanted to learn, I simply to defaulted to the fact that my cousin Gladys played the thing. Who knows how my life might have turned out had I chosen something sensible like the guitar? I did, however, make amends for that in high school. When a group of friends decided we needed to form a band, I immediately claimed drums because (a) there was no call for an accordion player, ever and (b) I’d become a major Rush fan and wanted to play like Neil Peart. I enrolled in lessons, bought my first kit (a mismatched Ludwig mostly Ringo’s famous Oyster Grey finish) and started to play. I will play today. What’s your story? Which artist inspired you to pick up your instrument? And why? Let me know below.

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