Jimmy Eat World drummer calls Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins: "a f***ing creepy douchebag"

Well, here’s a feud a didn’t expect. Jimmy Eat World’s drummer Zach Lind took to twitter to called the leader of Third Eye Blind a “a fucking creepy douchebag.”

Earlier in August, Lind blasted Jenkins on twitter soon after the two bands wrapped a co-headling tour.

I guess the story is now reverberating around the music blogs as Stereogum and Consequence of Sound both collected some of the fireworks.

Some of Lind’s grievances seem to have something to do with the band not wanting to wear backstage passes but requesting that everyone else does, record contract hijinkery (that wouldn’t affect Jimmy Eat World anyway), and claiming to fans their tour is eco friendly when it was not.

Some Third Eye Blinds pushed back at Lind and he was like, fair.

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