Accused shoplifter called Uber as getaway car

There are a few requirements it takes to become an Uber driver. Experience as a getaway driver definitely isn’t one of them.

But that’s exactly the position Elizabeth Mahan was reportedly in on one of her Sept. 10 rides, when a woman called an Uber ride in Fairfield Township, Ohio, to transport allegedly stolen goods.

Jalina Lang, 45, has been charged with possessing criminal tools in connection with the incident.

“ had her bags in between two cars. She was sweating and acting really weird to begin with,” Mahan told local broadcast station KBTX-TV.

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“She gets out, grabs the bags. She’s like ‘Can I put them in your trunk?'” she said, adding that she responded: “‘No, you can put them in the back with you.’”

Mahan added that she initially felt suspicious of Lang, but gave her the benefit of the doubt — that is, until a police car pulled up near them.

According to KBTX, over US$1,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from a local business that day.

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“A dark vehicle with tinted windows pulls up, and a Fairfield Township police officer pulls up behind him, and like, ‘Go go go go!’” the Uber driver said.

“I was getting ready to get my phone out of the holster to text 911, like, ‘Hey, this lady’s weird. Pull me over,'” Mahan continued. “I didn’t have a chance. Officer got right behind me.

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“Never did I think I was going to be a getaway car.”

According to Mahan, police arrested Lang on the spot.

Lang was taken to Butler County Jail in Ohio after being accused of shoplifting, and is reportedly facing charges of theft and possessing criminal tools.

Lang also has prior criminal charges, including theft and breaking and entering, for which she was arrested in 2013.

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