Grand Forks couple ‘jolted’ by loose storm drain grate while driving in Kelowna

A couple from Grand Forks got quite the jolt on Saturday morning when their truck was damaged by a loose grate covering a storm drain.

Lorinda and Lorne Pearson say they were in Kelowna for a few errands when they decided to stop at the McDonald’s restaurant along Highway 33 in Rutland.

Upon leaving the parking lot, Pearson said their three-quarter-ton truck suddenly “jarred and hit so hard, and it came to a complete halt. It felt like we ran over something.”

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That something turned out to be the loose grate.

Pearson said her husband backed up the truck and “there was this hole in the ground.”

Pearson said she tried calling the city to no avail, then called 911, fearing someone could be hurt if they fell into the open hole. Pearson said she was told that the open hole was McDonald’s responsibility.

Pearson and her husband say their truck’s frame is bent, along with a tie rod. They have a courtesy vehicle, but will have to rent another vehicle and return to Kelowna for their truck.

The Pearsons say their truck sustained damage after running over the loose storm drain grate.

The Pearsons say their truck sustained damage after running over the loose storm drain grate.


Pearson said she witnessed another vehicle run over the storm drain grate.

A McDonald’s employee told Global News that an incident report has been filed, and that insurance will cover the Pearsons’ costs.

“What a shock it was that it happened,” Pearson said of the incident, noting that a McDonald’s employee placed four yellow milk crates around the storm drain to act as a warning barrier.

“I have confidence McDonald’s will pull through for this, to help us out, because definitely it was something that shouldn’t have happened.”

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