Dave Grohl doesn't care if Foo Fighters are cool or not: "I just want to be alive and play music"

Dave Grohl was on Whitney Cummings’ podcast, Good For You. Dave and Whitney talked for over an hour and covered a lot of ground. They talked about cooking, experiencing music live, Billie Eilish, the music business, growing up in Virginia and the Washington DC area, becoming hugely famous, being nice to people and how Dave Grohl doesn’t think he’s cool.

I think the reason why that we’re still here is because we disconnect ourselves to the popular stuff going on. But also, what the fuck do we care? Like honestly. I just want to fucking play music. Having watched a lot of my friends not survive. I just want to be alive and play music. And I don’t really give a fuck if we’re cool or not.”

I also liked the part where Dave Grohl is talking about the music industry and says that almost every top 40 beat for the past three years is the same.

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