CFOX New & Noteworthy: June 12th

New & Noteworthy is a weekly CFOX feature showcasing rock, indie and alternative bands and musicians on the rise. We want to share our love of music with you and give exposure to some of the best up-and-comers in rock music. Check out this week’s roundup of New & Noteworthy acts below!

Meggie Lennon

Meggie Lennon’s bio reads “Somewhere in the land of uninhibited love and playful sins, Meggie Lennon is both the game and the rule that begs to be broken, crafting her songs through spirals of unrepentant escapism.” The Montreal-based singer makes understated dreamy psych-rock, with slow grooves and ambient guitar that you could seamlessly slot into a playlist next to Tame Impala.

Her latest release ‘Mind Games’ is the first single off her upcoming album ‘Sounds From Your Lips’, set to be released later this year. Lennon describes the song as a “track that feels like endless summer” and she’s right. This song encapsulates how I want my summer to feel – relaxed, euphoric and effortless (despite it being about a breakup). Although she has only released two singles, her music is gaining momentum internationally and if this girl keeps releasing music of the same caliber she has big things on the horizon. The video for ‘Mind games’ was written, directed and shot on an iPhone by Lennon. Watch it below.

The Royston Club

The Royston Club first got my attention when I heard their song ‘Young’, which hit me with a dose of nostalgia for The Killers’ album ‘Hot Fuss’. Hailing from Wrexham, North Wales, The Royston Club is a great indie-rock band four-piece who met in secondary school and started playing together in 2018.

The release of their first EP ‘This State I’m In’ in April of this year was an impressive debut for the band. It shows that they have a distinct foundation, with simple melodies, stomping drum beats, jangling guitars and relatable lyrics; however, there is also some diversity in each song which isn’t always the case for indie-rock bands. If their latest EP is anything to go by, this little band from Wales have a promising path ahead of them. Take a listen to ‘Young’ below.


Voodoos have been making waves in recent months. The four-piece from Glasgow started off playing post-punk music, similar to The Strokes, but the past two years have seen the band hone their music to make more upfront alt-rock. Voodoos last two singles show that they are steering towards a sound that is more pop than punk, but that’s not to say that they don’t still employ the sharp guitar riffs, heavy rhythm section and bold choruses that make a rock song great.

Their most recent release, ‘Going South’ is the third single off their upcoming EP ‘What Was That Supposed To Mean’ which is set to be released on July 3rd. ‘Going South’ has a simple melody and infectious chorus that will have you inadvertently bopping along. The song shows off the band’s perfect mix of youthful exuberance and timeless guitar rock that will surely give their music the longevity to surpass other up-and-coming alt-rock bands.

The Tin Pigeons

The Tin Pigeons’ have been releasing a steady flow of singles since 2016 but have really come into their own in the past 12 months, with airplay on BBC Radio 1 and 2, playing Reading and Leeds Festival and being described as “One of the best festival bands we know” by BBC Introducing. Apparently they’re pretty well known on the UK festival circuit, too.

The East-Midlands duo’s newest release ‘Closer’ is basically all of us in COVID-19 lockdown. ‘Closer’ is a perfectly upbeat indie-pop track with a hugely catchy chorus and rhythm, however the lyrics completely contradict the positivity that the music embodies. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The song lyrics identify with the way so many of us have been feeling for the past three months in isolation. The music video for closer was inspired by and filmed during lockdown, too. Check it out below.

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