Cheeky boars lead nudist on a wild chase for his laptop

A man chases a wild boar and its piglets after the animal snatched his laptop at Teufelssee, a popular lake for sunbathing in Berlin, Germany, on Aug. 5, 2020.

What’s the natural way to catch a boar with a stolen laptop?

Give chase in the nude, of course.

A German man has captured viral fame after chasing down a wild boar that snatched his belongings at a nude sunbathing park in Berlin.

Photos taken by Adele Landauer, a German actor and life coach, show the middle-aged man in hot pursuit of the mama boar and its two piglets, while several onlookers gawk in astonishment.

The fully nude man can be seen running full-tilt after the boars, which apparently ate his pizza before making off with his laptop bag on Wednesday.

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“He was very focused,” Landauer wrote in a Facebook post with the photos. The post has been liked and shared tens of thousands of times.

The man — who was obviously comfortable with his body — allegedly told Landauer that he had no problem with her sharing the images online.

The incident happened at Teufelssee, a lake that’s popular with Germany’s naturalist community.

“Nature strikes back!” Landauer wrote in her post, which was covered widely in German newspapers.

A man chases a wild boar at a park in Berlin, Germany, on Aug. 5, 2020.

A man chases a wild boar at a park in Berlin, Germany, on Aug. 5, 2020.

Adele Landauer/Facebook

Landauer said the boars emerged from the nearby woods, startling many sunbathers in the park. Wild boars have become a major nuisance in the Berlin area, where they’ve become known for their voracious appetites and disregard for humans.

The nude man was swimming in the lake when the boars raided his bag for pizza he’d stashed inside. The man spotted the boars and the animals panicked, grabbed his bag and tried to escape with it.

She says the man “gave his all” during the chase, and he eventually returned to his sunbathing spot with the laptop bag in hand.

“We all clapped and congratulated him for his success,” Landauer wrote.

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She described the man as a “real hero” in a follow-up post on Instagram Friday.

“This happens when you’re focused on your goals,” she wrote.

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