Afternoon Show Notes: these rare takes frolic in the snow

Here We Go! I can’t see all the moths in this haze!

5 o’clock question: When international travel fires back up, where do you want to go first?

This is Our World Prize: CFOX Swag bag
You’ve won a CFOX Swag Bag!

$20,000 Famous Friends
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We will set up a call between the selected famous friend and The Jeff O’Neil Show
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Weather: The smoke in the air for the US wildfires is no joke. ->

also a bunch of weather records were smashed yesterday. -_

What to Watch with our resident movie nerd, THE DANIMAL,  Dan Nichols. Dan is talking the Shia LaBeouf film, The Tax Collector.

132 COVID cases reported in BC over the last 24 hours ->

1.4% of kids and teens that get COVID require hospitalization ->

500,000 people in Oregon ordered to flee wild fires ->

A backpack that dispenses wine? I do like hiking. ->

Greece is trying to secure tents and shelters for migrants displaced in horrific fire ->

Music and arts festivals will give it a try this fall. ->

Vinyl sales have surpassed CD sales for the first time in 34 years.

U2 reissue ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind.’ ->

Metallica biopic would be “complicated” says Lars. And reading the story, he has a decent point. ->

Cheetahs in the snow. Rare pictures of cheetahs in snowy South Africa(?)! Neat! ->

Looks like Amazon will bring us the Joe Exotic series starring Nicholas Cage. 2020 is weird. ->

Finish Winds of Winter, then you can have a castle as a treat. ->

I was thinking about this old Sirius XM commercial from maybe 2008.

It featured an amazing song that had an epic build up. The song is called “A Blueprint” by Fear of Music. I still think about this track.

Thank you for being part of CFOX. Have a great weekend. Go with yourself.

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