Afternoon Show Notes: I don't like all these trade Brock Boeser takes at all

Here We Go! Could *we* just form another outdoor equipment co-op?

5 O’clock Question: #FoundYouAttractiveUntil

This Is Our World (4:40PM) Prizing: Future Islands Livestream

You’ve won access to the exclusive Future Islands livestream on October 9th, where there’ll be playing their new album ‘As Long As You Are‘.

Weather: Cloudy but it doesn’t matter because it’s also smokey. Maybe rain for Friday.

Corey Taylor, the OG mask champion “not everything has to be a political fucking statement.” ->

Nurses and psychiatric nurses will be empowered to prescribe alternative street drugs ->

Denver Nuggets are the first team in NBA history to rally from 3-1 series deficits TWICE in the same post season. ->

West Vancouver home owner fined for throwing a large party ->

History Totally Rules! The metric system was born out of the French Revolution. It weighted 3.5 kg. Neat. ->

Candy tube is having a time. Physically distanced trick-or-treating can be real. ->

SNL has found their Biden… Jim Carrey! Allllllllllll righty then. ->

Laura Dern is the peoples’ mom! ->

The earliest known recordings of Joni Mitchell were discovered in a basement in Victoria. Recorded in Saskatoon in the 60s when Joni was a teen ->

2020 can’t get any worse. Eddie Bauer: Hold my khakis! ->

The Tragically Hip are coming to a movie theatre near you next week ->

Harry Potter is getting an open world adventure game ->

Group of anti-maskers march around a Target. So many thoughts…. ->

Thanos has a brother? Of course he does. At least the fun marvel super heroes will deal with that. ->

Brock Boeser in the trade rumour mill…aka his comfort zone -> 

Found my Halloween costume ->

But just in case, I found another Halloween costume. ->

If you like pop rock, this San Diego band popped up on a playlist. Augustana….big sounding stadium rock. Reminds me a little of anothe rpop rock band The Band Camino.

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