Afternoon Show Notes: You won't like these takes when they're angry

Here We Go! One of my most expensive parenting mistakes (other than that one time in 2007 when I didn’t wear a condom), was turning my kids on to pure Canadian maple syrup. Now these bougie tyrants demand nothing less and it is the single most expensive item on any grocery receipt.

5 O’clock Question: Ripped from Q107’s Fearless Fred: How many DVDs do you still own? And why haven’t you gotten rid of them?

This Is Our World (4:40PM) Prizing: Future Islands Livestream

You’ve won access to the exclusive Future Islands livestream on October 9th, where there’ll be playing their new album ‘As Long As You Are‘.

Weather: Sunny (but we’d never know it) then it looks like showers starting tomorrow morning and periods of rain continuing into Saturday.

Famous Friends on the Jeff O’Neil Show was in the arms of the angel, Sarah McLaghlin.

Guns ‘N RosesUse Your Illusion’ 1 & 2 came out on this day, 1991. ->

Donald Trump don’t know much, but he can spot a decent music video ->

20-year-old BC boy stopped in Alberta for SLEEPING while in a Tesla on autopilot. ->

COVID: Bars vs School = FIGHT! I want me kids to be learned…but I work in a bar to provide a lot of the income to keep them fed and clothed and swimming in beyblades and V-bucks. Pandemics are no joke. ->

COVID: Strict lockdowns for Public Health vs the Economy = FIGHT! New Zealand tries to unpack if the strict lockdowns were necessary and if a strong pointed response is better for long tern success ->

12 stories about the people on cover of 12 iconic rock records ->

Ozzy’s No More Tears came out on this day…also 1991! ->

Microsoft talking about the design that went into the new Xbox consoles ->

Canadian actor, Tatiana Maslany, to play She-Hulk in new Marvel movie ->

Vancouver City Hall gets super fancy! Spends a shit ton on designer furniture….during a pandemic. ->

Edmonton did a great job hosting the NHL bubble hockey…now we’re getting World Juniors this holiday season. ->

Government program to lend large corporations money is ineffective. Huh, you don’t say ->

Reality TV show has the greatest prize. A trip to space.  ->

I am doing a charity thing this weekend…I will love you twice as much as I currently do if you donate. Thank you!

Every now and then I poke around on Spotify hoping that Eve 6’s third album, ‘It’s All In Your Head,’ would be on the streaming service. For whatever reason (probably like record label or publishing legal nonsense) it was missing.  Today it was there. I love Eve 6, and I don’t care who knows it.

Thank you for being part of CFOX. Go with yourself.

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