Afternoon Show Notes: Finished with my takes 'cause they couldn't help me with my mind

Here We Go! Breaking news this afternoon.

5 O’clock Question: What video game are you playing right now?  DROPPED for RBG news. 

This Is Our World (4:40PM) Black Sabbath ‘Paranoid’ FACTS! ->

Prizing: Future Islands Livestream

You’ve won access to the exclusive Future Islands livestream on October 9th, where there’ll be playing their new album ‘As Long As You Are‘.

Weather: Showers the rest of the way and into tomorrow.

Famous Friends, 7:15am on the Jeff O’Neil Show

Power to Summit:  This weekend I’ll be hiking for the charity Power to Be. They say their mission is: Power To Be believes everyone belongs in nature, and it empowers people living with a barrier or disability to discover their limitless abilities through inclusive programs. With adventures such as kayaking, canoeing, hiking and camping, Power To Be focuses on building confidence and community, all while developing skills for life and the outdoors.

Maybe you can throw me a donation?

What To Watch with our resident movie nerd, the Danimal, Dan Nicholls (3:30PM): Antebellum and The Devil All The Time

German soccer club tries to play social distanced match. The other team obliges by dismantling them 37-0. ->

Anti-masker gets turfed from Disney World, misquotes A Bug’s Life. *Might* be an anti-masker I don’t hate. I too enjoy a Bug’s Life my science fearing dude. ->

The bubble has burst with back-to-school. Try to keep your contacts tight ->

US bans tiktok and WeChat ->

Residential garbage collection is way up in pretty much every Canadian city. Experts say we’re at home, we’re ordering online, renovations, and a return o disposables ->

Oh great, the Amazon is on fire…again. This time a wetland? That’s a fire. ->

Grant John Hamm an honourary Canadian title already. John Hamm, Duke of Nanaimo! Magistrate of Mission! ->

German police are now looking for a ransomware hacker because their system shutdown of a hospital resulted in a death ->

The Replacements will be releasing a deluxe edition of Please to Meet Me on October 9th. Share a new music video for “Can’t Hardly Wait.” ->

HBO’s max’s Raised BY Wolves renewed for second season ->

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross landed an Emmy. EGOT is in range ->

Puscifer’s first new LP in 5 years is out at the end of October. Share The Underwhelming today ->

We are also getting another new Deftones track today. ->

A plan to fight wildfires so wild, only Dr. Evil could have hatched it. ->

Crazy internet lady thinks LeBron conjures demons before NBA games, he’s an illuminati wizard 9who plays for the Lakers) ->

Jupiter has some new storms ->

Black Sabbath ‘Paranoid’ was released on this day, 1970 ->

Listened to a bunch of good stuff this afternoon before the show….but I’ll have to say Deftones’ new song “Genesis” was a stand out.

Thank you for being part of CFOX.  Go with yourself.

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