Afternoon Show Notes: Don't call these takes an upset

Here We Go! Hiked the Grouse Grind on the weekend with my toddler strapped to my back. That was a poor life decision on my part, but we got ‘er done. For Power To Be!

Maybe you’ll throw me a donation to Power to Be? ->

5 O’clock Question: What video game are you playing right now?

This Is Our World (4:40PM)
Prizing: Smoke & Bones

You’ve won a $50 gift card to spend with Smoke & Bones catering! Craving the sweet Smokey taste of real Southern BBQ meat? Let Smoke And Bones do a social distanced catering event or eat in restaurant in North Van.

Weather: RAIN! You’re back, welcome home.

Famous Friends, 7:15am on the Jeff O’Neil Show Sports guy Dan O’Toole was on the show this morning. Kasey says, “He used to do traffic reports for Vancouver radio, back then he was referred to as “Captain D” (insert joke here).”

British Columbians will be having an election on October 24th ->

But WHY did Horgan call the election? ->

Schitt’s Creek dominated the Emmy’s last night ->

And do call it an upset! Zendaya is a treasure ->

Dave Chappelle feels vindicated for his Emmy win ->

Hero Quest is back! Did any of your guys play the classic board game from the late 80s/90s? -> 

Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ came out on this day, 1993 ->

Weezer vs Fall Out Boy on Celebrity Family Fued ->

AC/DC is back! ->

Final collection of Gord Downie’s solo music will be released on October 16th ->

Sam Roberts Band shares “Youth.” New record, ‘All of Us,’ is out on October 16th. ->

Scientists hand out Ig-Nobels. Including one for the researchers trying to make a frozen poo knife ->

Playstation5 pre-orders did to go as smoothly as they had hoped ->

Personally, the airport and actual flight are things I dread about travel. You do wanderluster! ->

Smoke moths give way to disease ridden Super pigs! ->

It’s a girl! “elephant toothpaste is a foamy substance arising from the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide; this is achieved using a combination of warm water and (in this case) yeast, as a catalyst.” ->

Is now the time to buy ocean front property in the Canadian arctic? ->

Brilliant wedding plan, or tacky beyond belief?

Thank you for being part of CFOX! I’ll leave you with the new Sam Roberts Band song “Youth” because after one listen this afternoon, I liked it!

Go with yourself.

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