Afternoon Show Notes: If you love these takes, buy them a gun

Here We Go! I have about 6 partly read books scattered around the house. I am chaotic evil.

Maybe you’ll throw me a donation to Power to Be? ->

5 O’clock Question: What was the first band you remember being obsessed with?

This Is Our World (4:40PM) Pyramid Facts! -> 
Prizing: Smoke & Bones

You’ve won a $50 gift card to spend with Smoke & Bones catering! Craving the sweet Smokey taste of real Southern BBQ meat? Let Smoke And Bones do a social distanced catering event or eat in restaurant in North Van.

Weather: First day of Fall! Rain tonight and into tomorrow. Heavy at times. Great, was gunna try to hammer out a hike tomorrow. ->

Famous Friends, 7:15am on the Jeff O’Neil Show This morning we had loved/hated NHL hockey star, Milan Lucic!

Should people from the lawless border region between Vancouver and Burnaby be called Burnabarians? ->

Rebecca O’Toole, wife of Conservative leader Erin, tested positive for COVID-19. I hope she will be OK ->

Two different ding-dongs get $2,300 fines for hosting large parties in a rental suite ->

Gwenyth Paltrow says relationship with Chris Martin is better now than when they were married. Says Chris Martin, “yeah I bought the candle, what?” ->

COVID modeling show cases are rising sharply in Canada ->

Drunk bros act like maniacs at Port Moody restaurant, get served…fines! ->

What is it with 2020, another sarcophagus discovered under Egypt’s oldest pyramid ->

Today is World Rhino Day. TW graphic photos ->

Steel Panther will re-write and record any of their songs for you personally…for $7,500! Should I commission “Gloryhole” for British Columbia? My anniversary is coming up…maybe the gift of “Community Property” would be appropriate?  ->

NIN release’s pandemic merch? OK. ->

spending on cannabis, WAY up this year ->

Horror fans are having an easier time dealing with the pandemic. ->

T-Rex skeleton for sale! Babe, baaaaaaaaaaaabe, I’m gunna need a man-cave. Then I’m gunna need a bigger man-cave. Because it turns out we had enough room on the VISA for THIS! ->

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