Afternoon Show Notes: Shark Attack Takes

Here We Go! One of the grade ones or twos at my kid’s school has a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mask and I’m so jealous.

Maybe you’ll throw me a donation to Power to Be? ->

5 O’clock Question: What’s YOUR greatest album of all time?

This Is Our World (4:40PM)
Prizing: Smoke & Bones

You’ve won a $50 gift card to spend with Smoke & Bones catering! Craving the sweet Smokey taste of real Southern BBQ meat? Let Smoke And Bones do a social distanced catering event or eat in restaurant in North Van. OFF AIR: Please get winners full mailing address. Prize will be mailed directly to the winner.

Weather: First day of Fall! Rain tonight and into tomorrow. Heavy at times. Great, was gunna try to hammer out a hike tomorrow. ->

Famous Friends, 7:15am on the Jeff O’Neil Show Seth Rogen will be on JOS tomorrow.

Pregnant woman saves husband from shark attack! Legit. ->

West Van teacher tests positive for COVID-19 ->

Dave Grohl admits he wants to quit Foo Fighters after every long tour…but also admits, it’s turned into a bit of a running joke ->

Named the “king of the tyrant lizards,” T. rex was built to rule ->

Overdose crisis: number of deaths this year have surpassed all of last year ->

Federal government talks about a National early child care strategy, but no real plans yet on how to manage spending. ->

Rolling Stone updated their all time greatest albums list ->

Wild Fire smoke is good for the ocean. Like fertilizer. Huh ->

Uncle Ben’s is changing to Ben’s Original ->

John Cena’s suicide squad character, Peacemaker, is getting a spin off HBO Max series ->

Thom Yorke got married. Right on bud. ->

Black Widow movie pushed to 2021 ->

Richard Patrick talks about how Trent Reznor “inspired” him to form Filter. ->

Long before Twenty One Pilots there was Bellingham indie rockers Idiot Pilot. I do remember their 2004 jam “A Day In The Life of  Pool Shark.” Deftones’ Chino Moreno does a nice remix of the song. But the song that grabbed my attention the other day is “To Buy A Gun.”

ahhh the 2000s. Thank you for being part of CFOX. Go with yourself.

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