Afternoon Show Notes: Fast Takes at Ridgemont High

Here We Go! We’re battling a mouse in our house!

5 O’clock Question: What are you reading right now? (any good?)

This Is Our World (4:40PM)
Prizing: CFOX Swag bag

You’ve won a CFOX Swag Bag!

Weather: Yeah we’re gunna see some rain, but for now, NOT rain. ->

Quick Draw! A best of five lightning fast trivia contest. Winner gets their shot at $10,000! We play every weekday starting at 8AM with The Jeff O’Neil Show. 11AM with Carmen. And twice in the afternoon with me, your friendly neighbourhood radio DJ. 2PM and 5PM.

Leaders debate featured a weird moment when asked about white privilege. ->

Dunkin Doughnuts is selling a ghost pepper doughnut and I am wondering where Tim Hortons is on this? ->

Humans are still evolving. Awwwww I hope I get a tail, and gills….and can levitate using the powers of my mind ->

Couples don’t look more alike over time, we self selected similar looking people to us at the beginning. ->

Fast times at Ridgemont House is for sale! I wants it! ->

metallica whiskey using soundwaves from their S&M II show ->

Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” is back on the charts for the first time since 1977 ->

Kinks celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lola ->

Bob Barker was not the first choice for that iconic Happy Gilmore fist fight ->

People who send unsolicited dick picks in Finland could see 6 months in jail ->

Man ripped a fart in a uber so gnarly it caused a fight and an assault charge! ->

I’ll leave you with this mighty fine jam from the Fast Times soundtrack.

Go with yourself.

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