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5 O’clock Question: What is the best opening line of a song?

This Is Our World (4:40PM)
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Weather: Rain is probably back tonight. ->

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John Horgan kept calling Andrew Wilkinson “buddy” during the radio debate today but I don’t think they are buddies. –>

Ryder needs us! A Paw Patrol movie is coming with an all-star cast ->

Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill musical leads Tony Awards with 15 nominations ->

Wonderwall” hits one billion streams!

OMG, behold! The Alice in Chains Facelift boxset ->

That flaming lips bubble show was like a human ball pit ->

Canadian engineers craft actual real lightsaber ->

Elon Musk is what happens when a 13-year-old boy puts a coin in a Zoltar fortune teller machine and wished to be “big.” . ->

The supersonic baseball cannon? Mariners, you need to sign this thing. ->

This little boat sucks at getting to the ocean. ->

Woman spikes coworkers coffee in hopes of getting her fired! Diabolical! ->

This song is so weird but I love. The Kinks 1970 jam…but maybe you remember it form the 1986 Robin Williams film Club paradise?

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