Afternoon Show Notes: Slide into these takes

Here We Go! My wife was rage cleaning the other day and I told her to “settle down.” So this is my ghost managing my social media now.

5 O’clock Question: What is your favourite cover song?

This Is Our World (4:40PM)
Prizing: CFOX Swag bag
You’ve won a CFOX Swag Bag!

Weather: Rain might chill out for  a bit till Saturday night.. ->

Quick Draw! A best of five lightning fast trivia contest. Winner gets their shot at $10,000! We play every weekday starting at 8AM with The Jeff O’Neil Show. 11AM with Carmen. And twice in the afternoon with me, your friendly neighbourhood radio DJ. 2PM and 5PM.

What to Watch with our Resident Movie Nerd, THE DANIMAL, Dan Nicholls.

Stolen playground slide found in someone’s backyard ->

Large anti-lockdown rallies planned ->

New Zealand’s deputy Prime Minister has no time for dummies. ->

Trump shared a satirical story so the world is fine ->

Joe Thornton signs with the Leafs! ->

Sam’s Club selling a Canada Dry variety pack ->

Trent Reznor will be breaking down Hurt on Netflix’s Song Exploder ->

Russian scientist (and pretty much 76% of all sci-fi) believe Earth is an alien experiment ->

CRASH TO PASS two bits of space junk almost collide din low earth orbit. Darn we missed it, so close!  ->

A person tried to smuggle a kilo of gold up his bum. Damn near rectum! ->

I’ll leave you with Battleme’s cover pf Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My” from the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack. Have a great weekend.

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