Afternoon Show Notes: Yes there were two takes on 'things found in walls'

Here We Go!

5 O’clock Question: Recommend a really good horror movie.

This Is Our World (4:40PM)
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Weather: Let’s just call it unsettled for the next few days. ->

Quick Draw! A best of five lightning fast trivia contest. Winner gets their shot at $10,000! We play every weekday starting at 8AM with The Jeff O’Neil Show. 11AM with Carmen. And twice in the afternoon with me, your friendly neighbourhood radio DJ. 2PM and 5PM.

I’m trying to be “way of the peaceful warrior.” But it’s hard when people are this dumb.

Prime Minister believes we’re better at dealing with the pandemic and won’t need dramatic shutdowns ->

Two Eddie Van Halen guitars are heading to auction ->

Pearl Jam’s Vs came out on this day, 1993. ->

Three Days Grace hooks up signing woman’s Dad with a new hearing aid ->

Cool story about an old sword. ->

And I did promise you TWO stories about stuff found in walls so here ya go. Prohibition era whiskey in thew walls. Much better than skeletons. -> 

I love the Moon…except, poor cell service. Enter Nokia ->

Florist in Edmonton handing out free flowers to women named Karen. ->

I’ll leave you with the Pearl Jam Vs cut, side-1, track 2 and the third single off the record “Animal.”

Thank you for being part of the show. Go with yourself.

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