Afternoon Show Notes: Takes spoke in class today

Here We Go! I’m looking Friday and feeling Thursday, oh yeah

5 O’clock Question: Tragic last words using a song title

This Is Our World (4:40PM)
Prizing: CFOX Swag bag

You’ve won a CFOX Swag Bag!

Weather: ohhh arctic air mass tomorrow. Fun! ->

Quick Draw! A best of five lightning fast trivia contest. Winner gets their shot at $10,000! We play every weekday starting at 8AM with The Jeff O’Neil Show. 11AM with Carmen. And twice in the afternoon with me, your friendly neighbourhood radio DJ. 2PM and 5PM.

Tomorrow on the Jeff O’Neil Show: “From 6am to 10am Friday morning we open the CFOX airwaves for any and all candidates running in this Saturday’s BC provincial election to call in and stump for votes in their riding.”

Tomorrow on What to Watch: The Danimal breaks down Borat 2.

1.1 million votes already cast. That seems like a lot! ->

Pearl Jam’s 1992 MTV Unplugged performance is available on streaming services for the first time ever. ->

Alberta to try out a rapid test scheme to get travel and the border opened up ->

Kids want to be social ->

Family’s Halloween decorations are so legit, they have received numerous 911 calls over them ->

Bro stops during police chase to get gas. ->

Shotgun Jake re-ups with the Canucks. ->

Raptors considering Kentucky for next season. ->

Diabolical ironclad beetles look like diabolical ironclad beetles ->

What in tarnation is going on in this city!?! Woman shoved off transit bus after spitting on a man. -> 

I have this song stuck in my ear holes. Glass Animals “Heat waves.”

thank you for being part of CFOX! Go with yourself.

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