Afternoon Show Notes: jak sie masz takes

Here We Go! Alexa, play “Long December” and never stop.

5 O’clock Question: What is the most valuable thing you’ve ever misplaced or lost?

This Is Our World (4:40PM)
Prizing: CFOX Swag bag

You’ve won a CFOX Swag Bag!

Weather: Gosh dang that artic air mass is no joke. ->

Quick Draw! A best of five lightning fast trivia contest. Winner gets their shot at $10,000! We play every weekday starting at 8AM with The Jeff O’Neil Show. 11AM with Carmen. And twice in the afternoon with me, your friendly neighbourhood radio DJ. 2PM and 5PM.

What To Watch: Our resident movie nerd, THE DANIMAL, Dan Nicholls enjoyed Borat Subsequent Film, and thinks you’ll have a laugh this weekend.

SNOW! In some parts. Coquahalla was closed. ->

Government probably senses general unrest reminds us, working on a vaccine still ->

Le Chateau is done ->

Scientists dug through 5,000 of penguin poop ->

Update on those giant beer tanks stolen form a Poco brewery. FOUND!

USA at record high COVID cases…->

The GOP wants to remind American voters, Trump is working for them on…. Checks notes, a Moon station. ->

BORAT defends Rudy Giuliani ->

Thank you for rocking the Fox. the 5 o’clock question asked about valuable thing you may have misplaced and Curtis texted to says “Penis!” Ahhhh… a fan of the 1992 King Missle jam as well. Very good.

Have a great weekend. Ed with you on Saturday and Sunday. Best of JOS Saturday morning, 90’s Brunch with Carmen on Sunday morning. Go with yourself. Go Cats!

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