Family of 12-year-old B.C. boy says he was not asked to quarantine after travelling to U.S.

A Fraser Valley mother is questioning why her child was allowed to return to the country from an international flight without being asked to quarantine in Canada or for proof of negative COVID-19 tests. Emad Agahi explains.

A mother in the Fraser Valley wondered why her 12-year-old son was able to enter Canada recently without needing to quarantine.

Aaden Hovgaard from Abbotsford travelled to the U.S. to see his father during spring break.

His mom told Global News they spent hundreds of dollars to ensure Aaden could legally travel and he took several COVID tests, which all came back negative.

But when he returned home, she said he was never asked to present a negative COVID test or even asked to quarantine.

“When I picked him up at the airport, the agents were there, they said, ‘Oh there’s mom, ok great, have a Happy Easter and have a good night’ and that was it,” mom Erika said.

Aaden flew to Vancouver from New York via Toronto and said he was not asked about his quarantine plans in Toronto either.

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The Canada Border Services Agency told Global News it will not comment on specific cases but said all travellers entering Canada “are subject to strict screening and security measures.”

Erika said no one ever followed up with them about their quarantine plan.

“You’re making it so difficult for us to travel and get our kids back and forth but then, you’re just kind of letting us go without really checking,” she said.

It is not clear if Aaden’s age was a factor in the situation or the fact that he was travelling alone.

Even though Erika had no official quarantine plan, she still kept him isolated and did not send him to school.

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