Fake 'Maderna' vaccine card leads to woman's arrest in Hawaii

COVID-19 screeners in Hawaii didn’t need a forensic expert to spot one visitor’s fake vaccine card — they just needed someone who could spell.

Chloe Mrozak, 24, of Illinois has been charged with falsifying vaccine documents and providing false information after she allegedly presented a counterfeit “Maderna” vaccination card at the airport in Hawaii.

The Hawaii attorney general’s office says Mrozak tried to avoid the mandatory 10-day quarantine for visitors by using the falsified card. Photos of the fake card show that it clearly misspells Moderna, a brand that has been in headlines daily for the last nine months.

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A screener became suspicious of Mrozak when she arrived at the Oahu airport on Aug. 23, after the screener wasn’t able to confirm her hotel reservation. Mrozak was allowed into the state but the screener took a second look at her vaccination card after discovering that her hotel was bogus.

The card listed two vaccination dates. Both shots are identified as “Maderna,” photos show.

An allegedly falsified vaccine card lists two shots of 'Maderna.'

An allegedly falsified vaccine card lists two shots of 'Maderna.'

Hawaii Department of the Attorney General

“That’s one indication,” Special Agent William Lau told local broadcaster KHOU2. He added that there were other elements to the card that made screeners suspicious. “They did an excellent job of notifying us,” he said.

Investigators built their case for a few days and then arrested Mrozak when she arrived at the airport for her return flight on Saturday, Hawaii News Now reports.

She was jailed on a $2,000 bond and is due in court on Wednesday.

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