5 song you must hear this week: 04 October 2021

As the leaves turn, so do our musical tastes. There are just some sounds that go better with fall and crisp evenings. Here’s hoping these will fit the bill.

1. MUNA, Silk Chiffon (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
Single (Saddest Factory Records)
Recommended If You Live: Songs about queer love.

MUNA, an LA trio that’s been together since 2013, brought in Phoebe Bridgers (Saddest Factory is her label) to help with this song with its themes of gender and sexuality. The video is based on a 1999 film But I’m a Cheerleader, which is something of a cult favourite. The band’s tweet about this song reads “our next project will be very gay and it will be called ‘gay’ probably lol.”

2. Gold & Youth, The Worse the Better
Dream Baby (Paper Bag Records)
RIYL: Songs that feel like the 80s.

Gold & Youth, a four-piece from Vancouver who has been with us for about a decade now, somehow manages to channel some 80s-ish melodies with this single from their upcoming album, which will be released on November 5. There’s something about the arrangement and production that makes me think of something from alternative radio circa 1984. Interesting that their name is derived from a Mad Max reference: Golden Youth, a character from the original series of films.

3. Bad Skin, Grey Day
Live Fast Die Punk EP (Dance Plant Records)

An all-female grunge band in 2021? Yes, please! Montreal’s Bad Skin channels everyone from The Runaways to L7 to Hole to The Distillers. It’s loud and snotty with a lot of punky “oh-oh” chanting. Lots of dates are coming up in 2022. I’m in.

4. The Indiana Drones, Good Times
RIYL: Anything from Royal Blood to JJ Wilde

Rocky anthemic stuff from a Windsor-based band which is really just singer Justin Zuccato. I wonder if he’s had difficulty with the German-based band of the same name? Or the Indiana-based drone company? Justin writes, records, performs, and produces everything himself. If you want to hear more, he’s very active on Instagram.

5. New Dialogue, Mood Swings
Single (Another Century/The Orchard)
RIYL: I hear things like Grandson

There’s a lot of alt-pop happening in LA right now and New Dialogue is part of it. The trio released an EP entitled Teach Me How to Feel in 2019 and is working on a follow-up set for sometime in 2022. If you’ve ever felt a little wonky from a mood point of view–gee, I can’t imagine that these days–you’ll identify with this track.

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