Puddle Of Mudd Frontman Wes Scantlin Walks Off Stage After Complaining About ‘Blinding’ Lights

Rock band Puddle of Mudd cut short a performance in Green Bay Wisconsin on the weekend after frontman Wes Scantlin walked off the stage mid-show.

In fan-shot video of the show, Scantlin can be seen shading his eyes with one of his hands while singing the band’s 2009 track “Spaceship”.

When the song ends, the stage goes dark as the lights turn off, with Scantlin briefly conferring with a bandmate before returning to the microphone.


“I don’t know why the lights have to be blinding me for this whole show,” he says in the video, telling the audience, “Now I can see all you people.”

He continues, “If you guys were standing up here where I am right now, it’s like a f**king flashlight blinking in your f**king head. And I don’t think that’s f**king cool, really.”

A member of the audience then heckles, “Sounds like a deep thought, man,” with Scantlin responding, “Sounds like a motherf**king idiot.”

He then points towards the back of the room, calling someone a “d*****bag f**k,” then declaring, “I’ve got a flashlight too motherf**ker”.


Scantlin and the band then perform 2019’s “Oh Uh”. Upon completing the song, Scantlin unplugs his guitar, turns off his amp and walks off the stage without a word to the audience.

According to fans in attendance at the show, reported NME, the band didn’t start playing until a half-hour after the scheduled start time, and ended after just five songs.

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