Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum refused to step down as chair of Surrey Police Board: reports

Global News has been revealing details from court documents about how Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum went from victim to accused. That has raised several questions about how he can remain as Surrey Police Service Board Chair. Sources tell Global News that he was asked to step aside until the public mischief charges were dealt with, and he said no. Catherine Urquhart reports.

It has been five months since Doug McCallum was charged with public mischief after claiming Debi Johnstone had driven her car over his foot.

Since then he has remained mayor of Surrey, and he has stayed on as chair of the Surrey Police Service Board.

Now sources have told Global News that after McCallum was charged criminally in December, the Surrey Police Board requested he step down as chair.

Global News was told that McCallum refused.

We reached out to the Surrey Police Board for comment but were told that due to confidentiality, the board could not comment on matters discussed in camera.

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On Sunday Debi Johnstone broke her silence on the incident with McCallum.

In an emailed statement, Johnstone told Global News: “My name is Debi Johnstone. I am the victim that Mr. McCallum falsely accused Sept 4, 2021… I remain steadfast in my original statement of innocence. I’m unable to comment further at this time.”

Her friend Paul Daynes acknowledged that it has been a tough time for her, saying “yes it has and all credit to her. I think she has been to hell and back and has shown great strength of character. Sticking to her guns and not being intimidated.”

On Friday Global News reported details contained in previously sealed court documents related to his public mischief charge. Those documents were unsealed after Global News launched a court challenge.

In the Information To Obtain (ITO) documents, which were the basis for obtaining search warrants, investigators state, in part: “McCallum provided a version of events that has been partially disproved based on the statement provided (by the driver)…. and the video surveillance obtained from the Save On Foods.”

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As part of the investigation, officers obtained a search warrant for McCallum’s running shoes worn the day of the alleged incident. Also, there were production orders for his medical records, surveillance videos at Save On Foods and Peace Arch Hospital, along with media interviews. Owen Bird lawyer Dan Burnett said ”what the ITO indicates is the officers had viewed videotape, some of which they were still seeking, but they had viewed some and the story on the videotape, the officers believed, did not match up with what Mr. McCallum was saying.”

McCallum’s legal bills continue to be paid for by Surrey taxpayers. Councillor Linda Annis said “this is not right. This is public money and the public deserves to know how much is being spent on these legal bills.”

Through his media relations officer, McCallum said that since the matter is before the courts, he won’t be commenting. McCallum is scheduled to be tried on the public mischief charge in October, two weeks after the next municipal election.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

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