5 songs you must hear this week: 21 November 2022

It was a busy week for music pitches. As of end of day Friday, I had no fewer than 715 requests for reviews of new songs sitting in my inbox. Of those, here are my five essentials.

1. Crown Lands, Come Together
Single (Universal Music Canada)
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Canada is in the World Cup for the first time in 1986. Our squad has their work cut out for them in Group F with Morocco (ranked 22), Croatia (12), and Belgium (2). But maybe this song from Oshawa’s Crown Lands will help Canada rise far above their #41 world ranking and turn them into giant killers. We shall see.


2. White Reaper, Pages
Asking for a Ride (3EEE)
RIYL: Well, it’s Chilis, innit?

If you’re a band with a record coming out in the New Year, you want to do whatever you can to get people to start paying attention NOW before listening patterns go into semi-hibernation during the month-long Christmas period. In the case of White Reaper, they’re off to a good start. If people get into this song now, they’ll be top of mind when the new album comes out on January 27.


3. Inhaler, Love Will Get You There
Cuts & Bruises (Interscope)
RIYL: U2 sprog

Inhaler, the Irish band headed up by Eli Hewson (his dad’s real name is Paul but everyone calls him “Bono”), seems to be doing quite well with minimal help from the parents. All ears will be on the album when it appears on February 17. And yeah, there is a little U2 in their sound.


4. GXTP, Foresight
Single (Nfartam/C05 Music)
RIYL: Weird abbreviations

When I first saw the name of this three-piece band, I thought the initials stood for something cool and interesting. Instead, I learned that GXTP is short for “Guns and Toilet Paper.” I’d love to hear the story behind that choice. Good song, though.


5. Zeke Finn, Long Story Short
Single (Gevadog/C05 Music)
RIYL: Zac Efron Netflix shows

More than a little heartbreak here from Zeke, who comes from Ithica, New York. It was inspired partly by a meeting with a rabbi who said “You have plenty of good ready to come your way, but your cup is upside down.” Zeke flipped his cup, moved to LA, and now finds the song is being featured in Down to Earth, a Netflix show featuring Zac Efron.

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