Ongoing History Daily: Collecting odd stuff

When artists gain a little fame and money, they sometimes indulge in collecting interesting things. Take David Bowie, for example.

He began buying fine art. By the time he died in 2016, he had about 400 works by people like Damien Hirst and Jean-Michel Basquiat worth about $13 million.

Phil Collins remembers the Battle of the Alamo in Texas. Before he donated his collection to a museum, he had more than 200 items.

Kirk Hammett from Metallica has one of the most comprehensive collections of vintage horror movie posters in the world. They’ve even been the subject of museum exhibitions.

And director Peter Jackson—the guy behind all the Lord of the Rings movies as well as The Beatles’ Get Back documentary—has the largest personal collection of World War 1 airplanes. I wonder where he keeps them?

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