Ongoing History Daily: The most prolific musician of all time

There are some musicians who have been around long enough have released dozens and dozens of albums. Willie Nelson, for example, has at least 99 albums to his credit. But that’s nothing compared to Lee Arthur Campbell, a guy who records under the name “Viper.”

Not only does he claim to be the second coming of Jesus Christ (seriously), he also says he is the first musician “to make one million songs.” As far as anyone can tell, he’s 51 years old, so to hit a million songs he’d have to have written 67 every day since he was ten years old. Whether you believe that or not, he did release one album per day in 2014. His discography lists 2,000 albums recorded since 1997.

If you’ve got some time to spare, search for Viper on a streaming music service. You may be there for a while.

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