Ongoing History Daily: Fake names for hotels

When you check into a hotel, you have to register with a name. If you’re famous, you may not want to let anyone know who you are.

For example, Michael Jackson never registered as “Michael Jackson.” It was always “Dr. Doolittle.” Jay-Z uses “Frank Sinatra.” When Slash checks in, he’s been known to use the name “I.P. Freely.” Paul McCartney has used a bunch of pseudonyms, including “Apollo C. Vermouth.”

I like Elton’s John fake hotel names” “Sir Humphrey Handbag” and “Binkly Poodle-Clip.” If someone signs the name “Harry Bollocks” or “Prince Albert,” it’s probably Ozzy Osbourne.

And here’s one of my favourites. Liam Gallagher used to throw fans, groupies, and paps off the scent by using the name “Lou Cypher.” Say it fast and you’ll get the joke.

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