Album Anniversaries – Soundgarden “Superunknown”

1994 was a big year for music.

The World Famous CFOX is celebrating the 30th anniversaries of some MASSIVE albums with the seriously creatively named feature…ALBUM ANNIVERSARIES!

This was the breakthrough album for this quintessential grunge act and one of the top selling albums of 1993 – Soundgarden’s Superunknown!

Join Ed Garcia Friday, March 8th at 8pm as we play the WHOLE ALBUM, top to bottom…cuz it’s just so damn good.

Album Anniversaries…a new thingy on The World Famous CFOX – LISTEN LIVE

Track List:

1. “Let Me Drown”
2. “My Wave”
3. “Fell on Black Days”
4. “Mailman”
5. “Superunknown”
6. “Head Down”
7. “Black Hole Sun”
8. “Spoonman”
9. “Limo Wreck”
10. “The Day I Tried to Live”
11. “Kickstand”
12. “Fresh Tendrils”
13. “4th of July”
14. “Half”
15. “Like Suicide”