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4 of out 5 dentists say flossing is overrated and that The Jeff O’Neil Show is unlistenable. It’s a fact!

Regardless of dentists, the Jeff O’Neil Show airs weekdays from 6am to 10am on the World Famous CFOX (plus a 2-bit show Saturday AM). The Jeff O’Neil Show is sponsored by Alpine Credits. Clever owners know the score. With Alpine Credits, homeowners get approved. Visit

If you see or know of something amazing in your community, Karen K wants to know about it!

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The more warm & fuzzies the better. Nominate someone doing something great/tell me about a difference maker/awesome human that makes this province a better place – it can be YOU, a local business, your Uncle Jim or your pet chinchilla…as long as they are bringing joy to the universe.

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It’s time to let the good time news stories roll, BC!

Thanks to Erich Saide, who is a local Vancouver photographer that captures all the photos for the CFOX hosts. See more of his work HERE or follow him on Instagram @ErichSaide

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