CFOX 20’s Countdown

It’s the end of a decade. And we’re celebrating the only way we know how: by playing a bunch of songs! We’re a radio station. What did you expect? Listen all New Year’s Day the CFOX 20’s.

We’ll even countdown the top 20 artists we don’t play – of course that means we WILL be playing them, and once we do the list is technically void. We didn’t really think that one through…

CFOX’s 20’s, New Year’s Day! Only on the world famous CFOX.


6am – 20 Coolest Canadian Rock Songs of the Last Decade

8am – 20 Amazing-est Rock Albums of All Time

10am – 20 Biggest Rock Songs of 2019

12pm – 20 Finest Fallen Soldiers of Rock

2pm – 20 Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock

4pm – 20 Most Spectacular Songs of Rock