Go Fox Yourself

We asked you to think big, get creative, and claim the 50K!

We asked you to GO FOX YOURSELF!!!

You voted, we judged, and the $50,000 WINNER has been announced!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest by submitting an entry, following along, or voting for their favourite in “Go Fox Yourself”!

Congrats to Brent – the Pringle’s Projector Guy! He has won $50,000 for thinking big, getting creative and claiming the $50,000!!! Brent created his makeshift CFOX bat-light out of 2 pringles tubes, a lens, a transparent slider with CFOX logo and one hell of a flashlight! He went out endlessly every night for weeks, projecting the CFOX logo onto various high traffic locations like the Stanley Park Causeway, Granville Island, the Lions Gate Bridge, and more!


Congrats to Leona – the Walking Billlboard! She dominated when it came to votes, and is taking home $2,500! Her spirit and commitment to the Go Fox Yourself was inspiring and amazing to watch.