Mr. Fox’s Suitcase Party To Las Vegas

IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GET SENT OFF TO LAS VEGAS!!! All you have to do is correctly choose one of three suitcases for your chance to win a weekly trip to Vegas!

One suitcase holds nothing. One holds $9.93. And one could be your ticket to a lil’ getaway to Sin City!

It’s Mr. Fox’s Suitcase Party to Las Vegas!

Play weekdays at 8AM, 11AM, 2Pm and 5PM, as you take on another would-be Vegas traveler to see who can pick the CORRECT suitcase.

Choose wisely and you’re entered to win a weekly trip to Las Vegas!

*If you don’t qualify for the Las Vegas prize, you are free to continue calling to try and play again. However, if you take the $9.93 that is your prize and you are no longer allowed to try to qualify*

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Weekly Winners so far:

#1 – Ashley K from Vancouver Island

#2 – Derek E from Vancouver

#3 – Barbara J from New Westminster

#4 – Jason from Surrey