Santa Fox 50/50 2023


Show your support to help the less fortunate in our communities with our Santa Fox 50/50 Fundraiser, and you might be taking home a HUGE cash prize!

Back for the 3rd year of celebrating with cash, the Santa Fox 50/50 is all about promoting and awarding kindness.

From November 14th to December 14th, you can donate online to SHARE Community & Family Services by buying a ticket for the 50/50 draw! All who purchase a 50/50 ticket will not only be donating to a worthy cause, BUT, be gaining the chance to win 50% of the total funds! It really does pay to give!

Tickets range from $5 each to a 300-ticket-pack for $100!

Then, on Friday December 15th at 8:00 AM, tune into the Jeff O’Neil Show to hear the final tally and find out if YOU won!


Totals over the last two years:
1st year 2021 – $124,055 – winner Steven from Surrey took home $62,027.50
2nd year 2022 – $403,095 – Winner Cheryl from Coquitlam took home $201,547.50

Santa Fox 50/50 presented by: Metro Ford in Coquitlam, in your community since 1965.

Full rules & regulations can be found HERE

Other ways you can donate to SHARE Community & Family Services: 

  • Help us fill the SHARE Food Bank with food to help feed those in our community who are hungry
  • Provide support for refugees and new comers to our community
  • Support youth battling with addiction issues
  • Help provide counseling for kids struggling with bullying at school
  • Provide support for kids and youth with development delays and disabilities in our Community Living program
  • Support our Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapists with the tools they need to help children with developmental disabilities or delays say their first word or take their first steps.