Folsom Prison Revisited


April 13th, 2024 – Great Canadian Casino Vancouver

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Folsom Prison Revisited
It is a concert considered to be one of the greatest in music history — Johnny Cash Live At
Folsom Prison. It was the first live recording of a prison performance and it solidified Cash‘s
dark image. The album reached No. 1 both on the country and pop charts. The incredible story
of what happened before, during and after that famous performance is brought back to life in the
live show Folsom Prison Revisited. Featuring a group of award-winning musicians and a
multimedia presentation, you‘ll be taken on a journey through that legendary concert with
gripping stories and iconic music. You will hear songs including “Folsom Prison Blues”, “I Still
Miss Someone” and “Jackson” plus seldomly performed songs by Cash including “25 Minutes to
Go” and the heart wrenching “Greystone Chapel, written by a Folsom Prison inmate. You’ll also
hear many of other Cash’s hits such as “Ring of Fire”, “Boy Named Sue” and “Hurt”. In Folsom
Prison Revisited you‘ll get to relive a show that changed the life Johnny Cash and changed
music forever.