Playland at the PNE

Playland at the PNE!

With over 35 rides and attractions, including Canada’s top Wooden Roller Coaster, one of the world’s fastest, the Revelation, the heart-stopping Hellevator, and The Beast’s fantastic five g-forces of fun, everyone is sure to have an electrifying experience. There are also over 15 family and kids rides for the entire crew to experience together including Bug Whirled, Teacups and Dizzy Drop. For less avid ride-goers, there’s a range of fun activities from Pacific Adventure Golf to the Midway. Indulge your appetite in the wide variety of food including Fun Dunkers mini donuts, cotton candy, Triple O’s burgers, Kettle Corn and icy cold slushes at S’luscious.

Open on select dates until September 15.

May 4 — Jun 9 Sat & Sun 11am to 6pm
May 20 — Victoria Day 11am to 6pm
Jun 14 — Jun 27 Sat & Sun 11am to 6pm
Mon to Fri 10am to 3pm
Jun 28 — Jul 31 Sat, Sun, Holidays 11am to 7pm
Mon to Fri 11am to 6pm
Aug 1 — Aug 16 Everyday 11am to 7pm
Aug 17 — Sep 2 PNE Fair is on 11am to 11pm *Separate admission & ride passes required. Playland season passes do not apply.
Sep 7 — Sep 15 Sat & Sun 11am to 5pm

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