Strongman Contest Battle of the Beasts

The BC’s Strongest Man & Woman Competition has been an ongoing event for 8 years in different cities across
BC from Kamloops, Abbotsford, Hope, Port Coquitlam and downtown Vancouver BC. This
annual event in Downtown Vancouver has great potential to bring a vastly diverse family
fun crowd as well advertising for our sponsors in the largest city in the province showcasing
the strongest men and women in the province.

This contest will also Qualify athletes for the
BC Strongest Man & Woman 2018. As well have a number of vendors that will showcase
natural health supplements. We plan on making this a fun community event to promote strength sports in Greater
Vancouver with the strongest Athletes from across our great province.
We will have event insurance as we do every year to protect our athletes as well the
What we will be doing for The Hard Rock Casino Promoting the Casino showcasing a
diverse range of athletes from all over the province