The World Famous CFOX store is here, and we have a whole bunch of new gear!

Look your best with our branded T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies! All you have to do is choose your style, pick your favourite colour scheme and then look World Famous, just like us!

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With the launch of new gear, means we are going to change where the proceeds go to, now partial proceeds will be going directly to BC’s Flood Relief with the Salvation Army.
The Government of British Columbia has declared a state of emergency as the Lower Mainland is experiencing the worst flooding it has seen in a century. Floods and landslides have cut off major transportation routes and entire communities are under water. People have lost their homes, businesses have been destroyed, and essential supplies are limited due to the disruption of transportation. People need our help.

The first round of proceeds proceeds of all CFOX gear will be going directly to help BC Children’s Hospital Music Therapy Program.
Music therapists use music safely and ethically to address human needs within multiple domains. Through music all children, regardless of their background, ability, or illness, have the capacity to connect to the universal language of music.